LED Wall Pack Light

CKRA designed LED Wall Pack Lights, including Slim LED Wall Pack Light, traditional LED Wall Pack Light, Rotatable LED Wall Pack Light. Ideal solution for building entrances & exits, offices, condos and schools. Replacement for HPS&MHL from 70W to 40W.

LED Canopy Light

CKRA deisgned CKL-CP01A Low Profile LED Canopy Light, quick mount to install. Application: walkaways, building entrances and exits, parking garages and canopy structures Wattage: 40W, 50W, 60W, 75W.


CKRA’s LED Parking lot lights, includes Heavy Duty LED parking area light and Economic Slim LED parking lot light,Which are Ideal replacement for out-of-date high-pressure sodium fixtures from 250W to 1000W.

LED Area Light

CKRA designed Post top Led Area light, which is perfect for parking lots, streets and pathways. Wattage is from 60W, 80W, 120W and 150W. Ideal replacement for HPS&MHL from 250W to 400W.

LED Shoebox Light


    LED Flood Light

    CKRA light designed LED Flood Light, includes heavy Duty LED Flood light and Ecnomic Slim LED Flood light. Multiple mounting options, applications including landscaping, sign lighting and industrial facilities. Ideal replacement for HPS&MHL from 70W to

    LED Highbay Light