Rotatable LED WallPack Light

Rotatable LED WallPack Light
Rotatable LED WallPack Light


CKL-WP31A is a new rotatable LED efficiency light which can crete inviting atmosphere by highlightling fratures of a building or structure.Building mounted lights also assists in creating ambient light for pedestrians and increase safety by illuminating potential danger to passerby. Wall-mounted lights can contribute to the overall architectural styling of the building.
Ideal for a variety of applications, including general and security lighting, industrial perimeters and storage areas.Replace100W-250W HID wall mount light.
Rotated Beam is from 0 to 90, further outward to reach a walkway.
5-Year Warranty.

Lighting applications and related products

  • 30W 40W 50W 60W 75W

    30W 40W 50W 60W 75W

    30W 40W 50W 60W 75W
    Note: Lumen will be a little difference according to real roduction, according to DLC regulation, is 5% up or down tolorance. CKRA keeps the right to modify spec. without notification, before placing order, contact us for latest spec. info.
  • Code CKL-WP31A
    Watt 30 40 50 60 75
    CCT 4000K 5000K
    Vol. UN=120-277V 347V 480V
    Finish DB=Dark Brozen CC=Custom Color
    Mount part SM=Surface Mount
    Optional PS=Photo Sensor SPD=10KV surge Protection MS=Motion Sensor N=No need
    Note:Dimming is only available fow 60W/75W, 347V / 480V is only available fow 40W/75W.all type.ETL Listed,DLC pending.




    Master CTN


    Net Weight

    Gross Weight

    Cubic Meter

    CKL-WP31A-30 30W 220*180*105(mm) 1pcs 2.7Kg 2.9Kg 0.004CBM
    CKL-WP31A-40 40W 220*180*105(mm) 1pcs 2.9Kg 3.1Kg 0.004CBM
    CKL-WP31A-50 50W 220*180*105(mm) 1pcs 3.3Kg 3.5Kg 0.004CBM
    CKL-WP31A-60 60W 220*180*105(mm) 1pcs 3.4Kg 3.6Kg 0.004CBM
    CKL-WP31A-75 75W 280*260*120(mm) 1pcs 3.9Kg 4.2Kg 0.005CBM
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