Full Outdoor Applications


Better lighting is about more than just bigger savings on your monthly utility bill. CKRA lighting provides Lighting OEM&ODM design and appealing energy efficient lighting systems. Our clients are not only lighting distributors but also lighting contractors. Check out our success gallery and then read the real testimonials about lower energy bills. we're proud of the results we've delivered in the images below. Not only are the fixtures and components themselves visually appealing, the lamps are chosen for providing ideal parking lot, industrial, commercial, garage LED lighting quality to each part of your building.

Lighting applications and related products

  • 300W CKL-SB18A heavy Duty LED Parking Lot light. Project Located in TX.
    The space's original system contained more than 300 metal halide fixtures with 1000 watt bulbs burning 24 hours a day, seven days a week – reaching heat levels that would often melt the globes.
    Today outdoor parking facility is illuminated by 300W CKL-SB18A with Smart motion sensor, energy saving up to 70%.

  •  75W CKL-FL83A Ecnomic Slim LED Flood light, project located in MI.
    This photo shows (2) 75 Watt bulbs after, replacing (4) 500 Watt bulbs. That's an incredible 92% decrease in electric!
    This is an interstate size sign.

  • 110W CKL-HB81A LED Linear Highbay Light, project located in MI.
    Below photo showed our CKL-HB81A linear highbay light replaced 236W T5-HO-4lamps fixture. 53% reduction of electric cost.
    This LED lighting system was implemented using DTE-MI saves Financing with Zero down and the energy saving is greater than the monthly equipment payment.

  • 75W CKL-CP01A Low Profile LED Canopy Light, project located in CA.
    Below project photo showed our CKL-CP01A Low Profile LED Canopy Light replaced 250W HPS fixture.
    Over 350 Watts of energy saved with a brighter light than before. After 9 month, client get all the cost back.