Why choose LEDs for energy efficiency?

1.Heavily reduced energy demand and lower total cost of ownership
2.Reduced maintenance costs (no ballasts, extremely long lifespan)
3.Reduced environmental impact (less waste disposal, eliminate mercury disposal)
4.Healthier light sources with no risk of hazardous material exposure (mercury free, lead free, flicker free)
5.Advanced design opportunities and less light pollution (compact light sources with more directionality)
6.Resilient and shock resistant technology for rugged applications (no glass or fragile filaments)
Efficacy is the ratio of light to energy consumed (lumens per watt). LEDs produce 2-3 times the efficacy of fluorescents and 6-10 times that of incandescent, combined with a 2-3x longer lifespan than fluorescents and a 25-50x longer lifespan than incandescent. LEDs omit the need for regular ballasts and lamp maintenance, a significant expense in fluorescent and HID lighting systems.

Efficacy & Lifespan Comparison: