Which factors can affect industrial lighting options?

Nowadays, there are more and more complexes in outdoor lighting market, how to judge good amps becomes the most concerned aspects, especially in the field of industrial lighting. In considering the life time of light and the environment in which the lights are used, customers should pay more attention to product quality.
1. Brightness:
LED luminous brightness is the user's most concerned aspects. The brightness is luminous flux in unit solid angle per unit area of cd/ square meters in a particular direction, unit: cd / ㎡; the luminous flux is the sum of light emitted by the luminous body every second, the more luminous the greater the number of lumens. LED lights are usually marked with luminous flux, can judge the brightness of the LED light according to luminous flux. The more the luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp.
2. Life time:
The life time is influenced by many factors, such as light, power, radiator, and so on. Customers prefer the low light attenuation and long life LED lamps. Our company's outdoor lighting products has been at the leading level in the outdoor lighting industry.
3. Degree of protection
IP is the abbreviation of Ingress, Protection, IP rating is the protection level of external body invasion for the electrical equipment shell. IP rating comes the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC60529. The degree of protection is shown by two numbers followed IP, and the number is used to clarify the level of protection. The first figure indicates the extent of the equipment against the dust, on behalf of the level of solid foreign body to prevent entry, the highest level is 6; the second number is that the degree of waterproof equipment. On behalf of the level of prevention of water, the highest level is 8. Outdoor lamps need to be protected above IP65.
Industrial lighting is different from ordinary household or commercial lighting, it often need to install at high height and the lighting power is relatively large. Professional escalators or lift trucks are necessary when replace the lamps, which adds to our stealth input costs. Selecting the high-quality products can not only save the cost of electricity, but also save the second purchase of lamps, maintenance and replacement costs. the key is for our safe production provides a reliable guarantee. CKRA lighting are focused on outdoor lighting, we specialize in Lighting field for 44 years, with the strength of good quality and pretty competitive price. Welcome to send us inquiries.