3 Most Popular LED Lights Misconceptions Debunked

LEDs don’t produce heat at all

One of the main myths about LED bulbs is that they run completely cool, meaning that they don’t produce any heat. However, since LED bulbs are still light bulbs, that consume energy to be able to light up, they do radiate some heat, just is such small amounts compared to other lights bulbs, that it seem that they don’t produce any heat at all.

LED lighting isn’t actually that efficient

Also people tend to speculate that LED bulbs aren’t as efficient as they claim to be, because many think that this small of energy consumption just simply cannot be possible. But as I explained in the myth about LEDs not being bright enough, it can and is true, that LED lighting will output the same amount of light, but will do it by consuming much less watts.  Therefore LED lights are many times more efficient than other types of bulbs and you will be able to save a lot of money on energy by using them.

LED lamps don’t last as long as they claim

Fifthly, people also seem to think that LED bulbs have much smaller lifespan than other bulbs and therefore they are not convenient to use, since they will have to be replaced often. Well, of course LEDs don’t last forever, but they don’t also burn out quickly. On average, LED bulbs have over 100 thousand hour life span, meaning that they can last even for 10 years. And although during this lifespan the brightness of the lamps will decrease slightly, the decrease will be nowhere near that of other type of bulbs and it won’t also be very noticeable by the average user.